Thursday, September 17, 2015

Waiting until fall is too late!

Good News, Better Problems

This summer, we were expecting to build up inventory for the fall.  However, we were pleasantly surprised when we found a new group of people that Top-Spread benefits.  Top-Spread works great for erosion control on construction sites for buildings and roadways as well as around oil wells.  This means we don't have the opportunity to build as many extra models.  This is a great problem for us to encounter, we get to help more folks!

Order Now, Pick Delivery Date

We are now in the midst of our new Fall Preordering Program.  This will ensure you have your Top-Spread delivered this fall when you want it.  The process is simple.

1. Talk with Steve or Emily at Top-Notch Machine to find the model that best fits your needs.

2. Provide a small down payment and pick your delivery date.

3. In the fall, have your Top-Spread delivered to your operation and pay the remaining balance.

Simple, Right?  This way you have your Top-Spread when you want it for the heavy bedding season without having to pay for the whole machine up-front.

Filling Up Fast

Our September and October delivery dates are filling up fast.  If you would like to have your Top-Spread delivered during these months, orders need to be placed ASAP.  We still have quite a few openings for August, November, and December.  We are working to ensure our customers are completely satisfied.  This means providing an opportunity for a low up-front cost option to secure your bale spreader without having to sit out wait times in the fall.

UPDATE:  We are about 3 weeks out on production.

Currently, we are able to deliver in stock models and have short wait times on other orders up until the fall.

Be sure to connect with us on social media with any questions or give us a call! (641) 228-1101.           
Are you interested in learning about the benefits of Top-Spread bale spreader?  Download our free ebook to see if your chores can be made easier!

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