Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Skid Steer Recommendations

We really enjoy having the opportunity to visit with so many folks from different parts of the country.  A lot of folks are looking to upgrade their equipment in the upcoming months and want to know what to buy.  We are happy to give recommendations in different brands as to what works well with Top-Spread and what we know about experiences form our customers.  We always give two tiers of options; the middle level used models, or the new models that will work great.

Note: if buying new, we recommend choosing the high flow option.  It isn't that much to add to a new machine, but to rebuild in the future is quite expensive.  High Flow helps make the machine more efficient and you'll get better throw.

What We Look For:

20 or more gallons of hydraulic flow (high flow if possible)

2,500 lbs of operating capacity with weight options or 3,000 lbs if buying new

John Deere

New      333E
Used     325/326/328


New      S750/S850/S300
Used     S250/S650/873


New      SV300
Used     85XT/445


New      V400/V330
Used     5640/R260


New      330
Used     260

New Holland

New      L230
Used     L225


New      262D/272D
Used     289C


New      SVL90-2


New      TSV-90

Want to check out a certain skid steer's specs?  

Visit RitchieSpecs or give us a call.  

We'd be happy talk about your options or your current machine.

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