Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Roadside Management

Iowa is always at the cutting edge of change:

  • One of the first states to pass laws in support of the civil rights movement
  • Leading the way for women's rights
  • Our pharmacy board was the first to classify marijuana as a schedule II drug
  • Creating a healthier state through Live Healthy Iowa and the Blue Zones Project
  • Creating crop, product, and solution advances at our universities
Just to name a few.

One of these projects is the Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Program

According to their website, "Iowa was one of the first states to establish IRVM programs at the city, county, and state levels."  They are leading the way in our shift from extensive mowing and herbicides to a more native approach.

They are working to find cost-effective, efficient, natural, and environment building solutions for a large percentage of our state's land.  The IRVM project is operated through University of Northern Iowa's Tall Prairegrass Center.  They provide resources and assistance to counties, states, and cities looking to build their program and restore native growth.  The Iowa Living Roadway Trust Fund is a division of the DOT that works to help with funding, research, education, etc of the program.

This process usually involves research to find the right mix of native plants for your regions and then working to plant and grow these while preventing soil erosion into our water system.  This is usually accomplished with predrilling and seeding, followed by coverage and fertilization.  Some mowing and maintenance of noxious weeds still exists for safety and control.

Top-Spread helps in this program by providing a cost effective solution for road crews.  You are able to use a skid loader already on site and not bring another tractor and semi.  One person can easily cover 20 acres in 2 days by themselves in muddy conditions including retrieving bales from one location with a one speed skid loader.  It is becoming increasing difficult to find small squares and folks that are willing to handle them.  Utilizing large round or square bales with Top-Spread will save you time, labor, and money.

We are looking forward to attending the Iowa IRVM Conference this week in Coralville, Iowa.  We are excited to bring more knowledge for our customers and show folks how Top-Spread is assisting in returning Iowa's green space to native plantings.

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