Thursday, June 23, 2016

One Person Operation

It never fails, you always have 8 things that need to be done at once and you're the only one around to get them done.  That's when TOP-SPREAD comes in.  No longer will it take two people to apply bedding for your livestock.  There is no need to have someone else load bales into your equipment with a skid loader.  No need to have someone open and shut gates for each pen.  No more pitching out material from a processor.

The TOP-SPREAD Advantage:

Our front side tines are welded in-house for extreme durability.  We have tested them for pressure and weight capacity to exceed any general use and normal wear.  These are what assist in one person material loading.  The machine tips at a 90 degree angle to load your material all from the seat of your skid loader.  Cut-out holes in the floor of TOP-SPREAD allow you to see the material you are loading.

Check out this video to see how it is done!

No more going into each stall and shaking out bales for bedding.  Just drive down your drover's alley or along the back side if you have open sides and blow right over your fences.

Need to grind hay for your feed mixture?  Just raise TOP-SPREAD above your wagon so you can see your scale and process in the amount you need.  No need to hire someone to grind for you.  You can also lower the deflector door to process into bunks or along fence lines and in windrows.

These features allow you to Save.  Save Time.  Save Labor.  And Ultimately Save Money.

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