Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Customized For You

You have many choices to customize your Top-Spread for best use in your operation.  We have four different models to choose from based on your material size and skid loader model.  You can view different views of side by side comparisons on our Facebook Page.

We have three common colors to choose from: Industrial Yellow, Blue, or Gray.  These match most skid loaders.  You can also choose any color you want (to match sports teams, JD green, equipment orange, anything) with an additional fee.


There are a few attachments Top-Notch Machine produces for different uses.  Folks that use wood shavings like our screens.  We put a large screen on the skid side and smaller screens on the tines that are all removable.  This essentially makes a large bucket to scoop up 4x as many shavings as with a regular loader bucket.  We have more photos of these on our Facebook Page as well.

We understand everyone uses different equipment to work best with their set up.  We make many adaptations for you to be able to work with what you already use.  Planning to upgrade your skid loader in the near future?  We have high flow hydraulic tips for you to switch out to have better performance.  Planning on using a telehandler?  We make adapters for your telehandler to use skid steer plates.  We can also provide extra cords if you are planning on using several machines.

For folks with calf huts, we have the solution for you.  We make a "chute" for your deflector door that allows you to blow a pile of bedding straight into your calf hut.

Visit our Models Page on the website for more information about Top-Spread options.

Have any questions about the possibilities with Top-Spread?  Connect with us on Social Media or Contact us today!

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