Monday, August 22, 2016

Introducing TOP-SPREAD '17

Here at Top-Notch Machine, we have been working very hard to give you the all new TOP-SPREAD '17.  There have been some serious overhauls to many components after listening to our customers about what they need for their operations.  Here are some highlights.  Check out to learn more.

Hydraulic System

Our hydraulic company has been working very diligently with us to get what we were looking for.  Our hydraulic system has been simplified and upgraded to obtain maximum power for TOP-SPREAD.  We eliminated hoses, fittings, and extra components giving you more flow to both motors.

The noticeable difference is in the oil temperature.  This system runs the oil cooler which allows you to run longer and have full power.  Larger ports and hoses allow you to achieve over 400 more rpm.

Better Hose Routing

With the new hydraulic system, we were better able to route the hydraulic hoses so they are mostly covered and protected from the elements.  We also changed where the skid steer hoses attach so they are clear of the pinch points on your skid steer.

Safety Features

We have added several safety features including easier drive chain tension blocks and a hand screen to protect from inadvertent hands inside the machine.  We understand there are a lot of employees that operate TOP-SPREAD and want them to be as safe as possible on the job.

Pre Order Today

We are starting to deliver on the new '17 model, so be sure to Pre Order yours today.  Folks will receive their own TOP-SPREAD '17 on a first ordered, first delivered basis.  Visit with us or your TOP-SPREAD Dealer about any questions or to be placed on the order list.

Learn more and see videos on our website at

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