Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Find Your Opportunity

We are always asked the question:  Do you have any dealers in my area?

We currently have three dealers plus ourselves in the state of Iowa: G&G Cattle, Tri-R-Ag Supply, and Schneider Farms.  All three are farmers who use their own TOP-SPREAD and are very knowledgeable about the equipment.  Our second group falls into our referral program.  Every TOP-SPREAD customer is automatically enrolled.

*Edit: We have added three more dealers.  Erosion Products, Fencing Plus, and Swartzrock Implement.

As farmers, we have to find different avenues to produce revenue in our operations.  We believe in creating an opportunity for you to do so with your TOP-SPREAD purchase.  Not only does it save you money, it can also make you money.  If you refer a friend, neighbor, or person at the grocery store that results in a sale, you earn a referral fee.  If an inquiry mentions your name that results in a sale, you earn a referral fee.

Simple as that.

Other Avenues to Earn Income on Your Farm.

Get Started:

  • What are your strengths/education/talents?
  • What resources (land, animals, people, etc.) do you have?
  • What is a need in your area?
  • How can you fill that need with your talents/resources in a unique way?


  • Fixing Equipment
  • Selling Equipment/Structures/Livestock
  • Selling unprocessed farm goods (herbs, veggies, eggs)
  • Selling value added products (baking, crafts, industrial art)
  • Teaching classes or giving farm tours
  • Consulting for other farmers
  • Event Planning
  • Custom Farm duties for others
Don't forget to check with your free state resources for small businesses and the regulations.

Find Your Opportunity.  Make it Count.

Have more ideas to add to this list?  Please share in the comments or share on Social Media.       
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