Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sick of Frozen Bales?

Thankfully the ground has finally become frozen.  Less mud = less problems.  This also means for the vast majority of us that store our bales outside, our bales are frozen also.  This creates endless difficulties with bedding for your livestock.

  • Removing net wrap off frozen bales is impossible and you have the battle wounds to show for it.
  • You have piles of bedding that are next to useless in frozen clumps around your pens or in your bedpack.
  • You waste a LOT of bedding making up for that frozen shell you can't shake out.

Top-Spread is your solution.  Here is How it Works:

Top-Spread has sharp cup knives to tear away at your net wrap.  When the bales are frozen like now, most of the net wrap will be chewed up and spit out.  Some will still end up on your rotors to easily clean off with a sharp knife.  The bottom part will slide across the bed of the machine and land in one pile to pick up at the end.

That frozen shell?  Top-Spread processes it and disperses it out to mix with the dry bedding.  This makes for a nice layer for your livestock without frozen clumps in one big pile.

This adds up to save you bedding material.  By effectively using your entire bale, you decrease the overall amount you need to spread for your bedding.

Want to see for yourself?  Here is a video of a test at the shop with a frozen bale.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bale Processor for Skid Steer

We all love our skid loaders.  We scoop, pull, haul and do a lot more with them than what is probably recommended.  We push our machines to the max to squeeze every productive drop from them.  To be realistic, skid loaders are just really expensive motorized shovels.

That is, until you add the right attachments.

Here are our 5 Favorite Skid Steer Attachments 
for everyday use:

Standard Bucket

This is the go to for most any project.  There are many variations for the standard bucket; material loader with a flat front or construction bucket with rock teeth, and now they make combination buckets that can be used for several different jobs.  We put our material bucket to use from cleaning out barns, pushing snow, hauling material, just about anything we can't or don't want to do by hand.

Bale Spear

This one is obvious.  We need to move bales around.  Collecting them in the field, placing them in storage, taking them out of storage, and moving them to the location needed.  Bale Spears make this an easy possibility.  This is one of the simplest attachments that saves an incredible amount of time and equipment.

Pallet Forks

We can't say enough about pallets forks.  We use them to carry pallets of feed, move equipment, and lifting equipment to work under (we know this is not recommended and no one ever does this!)  They always seem to be available and you can make them work for a lot of jobs.

Grapple Bucket

The grapple bucket is on everyone's wish list.  Not everyone has one, but everyone wants one.  They make hauling odd shaped material easy.  From trees and logs to large rocks and cleaning up bed packs, the grapple bucket is a giant leap from teetering material across your standard bucket.

TOP-SPREAD Loader Mounted Spreader

Time to toot our own horn: our favorite is the TOP-SPREAD Loader Mounted Spreader.  It is a round or square bale processor for your skid steer.  This takes shaking out bedding with your bale spear or dumping feed with a bucket look old fashioned.  With a processor, you can bed and feed all from the seat of your skid steer.  Grinding up material and spreading where you want are huge benefits.  And guess what, you don't have to start up a tractor and are able to fit in your alleyways.

Never heard of a TOP-SPREAD?  Check out more info on the 
to learn more about them and see how they can make your chores a breeze.

These are the 5 attachments we recommend everyone has in their equipment line-up to make everyday tasks easier and elevate your skid steer to reach its full potential.

What are your go to skid steer attachments?