Monday, November 23, 2015

Crop Life-cycle

Diversified Farm Operations are the norm now.  Combining row crops and raising livestock.  We will save the benefits in doing this for another time.  We want to focus on one aspect.

The Crop Life-cycle

You carefully choose what you will plant; mixing corn and beans with plots of wheat or grasses to provide the needed nutrients for your livestock as well as bedding and the market for selling surplus crops.

You grow these crops and harvest for feed for your livestock or to sell the additional crops you produced.  You may have pasture that you rotate your livestock through during this time.  Even after combining corn, you can have your livestock graze and bale the fodder for bedding.

You spread the material you have stored for bedding, and the material you use to feed ends up mixed with this bedding as manure.  The mix of organic material and manure is able to be removed and spread out on the fields.  This is the base for the next crop to start the process over.

Choosing to use organic bedding completes this life-cycle and eliminates wasting crop material.

Need more reasons to choose organic bedding?

Download "Save Money with Cattle Bedding"

In here, you will find comparisons of different organic materials and tips to help you use less material.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Skid Steer Recommendations

We really enjoy having the opportunity to visit with so many folks from different parts of the country.  A lot of folks are looking to upgrade their equipment in the upcoming months and want to know what to buy.  We are happy to give recommendations in different brands as to what works well with Top-Spread and what we know about experiences form our customers.  We always give two tiers of options; the middle level used models, or the new models that will work great.

Note: if buying new, we recommend choosing the high flow option.  It isn't that much to add to a new machine, but to rebuild in the future is quite expensive.  High Flow helps make the machine more efficient and you'll get better throw.

What We Look For:

20 or more gallons of hydraulic flow (high flow if possible)

2,500 lbs of operating capacity with weight options or 3,000 lbs if buying new

John Deere

New      333E
Used     325/326/328


New      S750/S850/S300
Used     S250/S650/873


New      SV300
Used     85XT/445


New      V400/V330
Used     5640/R260


New      330
Used     260

New Holland

New      L230
Used     L225


New      262D/272D
Used     289C


New      SVL90-2


New      TSV-90

Want to check out a certain skid steer's specs?  

Visit RitchieSpecs or give us a call.  

We'd be happy talk about your options or your current machine.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Easy Hook Up

It seems like we spend half our day going back and forth between hooking this piece of equipment to the tractor or running a pick-up to a different site.  Top-Spread seeks to end this cycle of having to start another tractor and change out another piece of equipment.

We have a built on skid steer plate for quick attaching.  Most folks use their skid loader on a regular basis making this much easier to use than a tractor with a PTO.  If you do wish to use an end loader or telehandler, we make adapter plates from your loader to our skid plate.  Not only does this make your Top-Spread versatile between your equipment, it also allows you to use other skid attachments on your telehandler or end loader.

Quick Coupled hydraulic lines make hooking up your Top-Spread a breeze.  We have standard flow tips normally, but also have high flow tips available if your machine has that option or if you upgrade your skid steer in the future.  Top-Spread operates entirely off your skid steer hydraulic power.  Two lines to connect and you're done.

Top-Spread's apron chain is run on an electric over hydraulic system.  Our latest improved system comes standard with a 14 pin plug.  You can hook this right up to your skid steer and run on your joy stick.  You don't have a 14 pin plug?  No problem!  You can add a wiring harness with this option for your skid steer.  This comes with a male plug, a momentary switch to place in your cab, and connectors to hook to your battery.  Does your skid steer have an 8 pin plug?  We have the solution for that too.  We carry adapters to meet your needs.  This is also a solution for other attachments that utilize a 14 pin plug.

Warning!  The exception to this rule is Bobcat.  They wire everything through their computer system to only utilize Bobcat attachments.  If you have a Bobcat, you will need one of our wiring harnesses to bypass the system.  Trying to use their plug could ruin the Bobcat computer system!

Skid steer plate, quick coupled hydraulics, and an electrical switch are all it takes to get your Top-Spread up and running for cold weather bedding.  Easy Hook Ups are just one of the great Features of Top-Spread.  Are you ready for a simple solution?  Call Steve at Top-Notch Machine today to discuss how Top-Spread can be your affordable tool for bedding and feeding with a skid steer.


Talking on the phone not your thing?  Send us an email!  We'd love to chat about your processing needs.

Check out this video to see how easy

it is to hook up your own Top-Spread!