Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Knowing Your Machine

High Flow vs. Standard Hydraulics

We always ask what type of skid steer you have.  This is so we can help you choose the best Top-Spread model to fit your needs.  Our biggest concern is hydraulic flow.

Hydraulic Flow

This is the most important piece of information.  Auxiliary hydraulic flow is what operates the whole machine.  There are two different types of flow options.  The first is standard flow.  This is what most people (including us) operate.  This ranges from 12-26 gpm on most skid loaders.  The second is high flow option.  These have larger tips and sometimes an extra relief tip compared to standard flow tips.  High Flow ranges from 25-35 gpm.

Our machines (the ones in our videos) all have 20 gpm of flow.  This is what we usually like to see.  Some of our customers operate with 16 gpm.  This is on the low end.  It will take longer to grind your material and won't throw as far, but will still process.  When customers have high flow machines, there is a substantial difference.  The machine grinds faster, throws material farther, and wears easier on the machine.  In a time difference, a 5x6 bale takes about 2.5 minutes to run through on standard flow.  High flow, you can grind that same bale in under 2 minutes.

Top-Spread works well on standard flow, and this is what most people use.  If we were to make a recommendation when upgrading your skid loader, be sure to get the high flow option.  It isn't that much more of an investment to get a lot more performance.  You are able to add high flow later, but it is expensive to switch out pumps, hoses, and tips.  We make our machine simple to convert.  If you upgrade, all you have to do is change the hydraulic tips and you are ready to go.

How Do You Find Out What Your Machine Has?

Wondering what kind of flow your machine has?  We find RitchieSpecs to be a pretty reliable site for information on most any piece of equipment.  It almost always lists hydraulic flow under specifications for each equipment model.  You can also contact your dealer and they will be able to tell you what type of hydraulic flow you have.  Or ask us!  We will be able to tell you.

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