Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Planning - Completed (sort of)

It seems like every September we are scrambling to have everything ready for the fall.  Well, I am determined this year will be different.  

Here are my big To Do List Questions:

1. Will your herd/acres be growing this year?  Staying a similar size?  Decreasing to focus on a different area?

2. How much space, feed, bedding, and manure storage area do you need per head?

3. Do you have the equipment to efficiently complete your chores and harvest?

4. Do you have the staffing necessary for crunch time?

5. What was difficult last year and how can you improve it?

6. What are the large scale projects you were putting off until "nice weather?"

7. Is everything in good working condition for constant use?

8. Have you talked with your vendors to line up everything you need?

We try to apply these same concepts in our business to make the fall go as smoothly as possible for our farmers.  Our maintenance list is short and easily completed with one person to have your TOP-SPREAD ready for heavy use.

We also make ordering your own TOP-SPREAD a breeze.  Our schedule fills up fast for fall deliveries and we want to make sure you have yours when you want it.  We highly recommend putting your order in now for those fall deliveries to secure your date.

The process is simple: choose your model and accessories, place an order with a small down payment, and have your TOP-SPREAD delivered the day you want this fall.

I recommend choosing a date before you will actually need it.  That way, you are able to practice and not feel any pressure.  You will also have a nice bedpack started for your livestock.

Start your TOP-SPREAD Order process now by sending me an email.  I can help you find the right solutions for your operation at the right time. Again, that's

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