Monday, February 22, 2016

Connecting Farmer To Consumer

This has always been a challenge, but it has transformed rapidly in the last year.  Consumers have incredible access to all kinds of information both accurate and not-so-accurate.  This is where we need to step in.  Those in the farming industry need to make their story heard and share it with as many consumers as possible.  Letting them know the amount of planning, time spent painstakingly caring for our animals and crops, and the research put into improving our methods.

When each of us shares our farm story, consumers have more accurate details about the products they are purchasing and have a better connection to what they eat.  Right now activist groups have an overwhelming hold on the available information for consumers.  Putting inaccurate information into their hands paired with graphic pictures leaves a large impression on consumers.  We can and should fight this.  This is our way of life and we need to present this to the public.

Good News!  
There are many avenues for farmers to get involved:

Social Media:  Make accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for your farm.  Post real-life images of life for your livestock and most importantly, you.

Join Conversations about Food and Farming:  Folks like +AgChat work to connect consumers, farmers, and everyone together to discuss hot topics in today's industry.  Be sure your voice is heard in an accurate and respectful way.

Advertise:  Have an event coming up?  See if your local paper will cover it.  Did you win an award?  Be sure to brag about it and show others what real farming looks like.  Do you know what company your beef or dairy products go to?  Promote them and share this information.

Interact:  Talk with consumers.  Answer their questions and don't assume they know everything about the industry.  Consumers need to be educated and desire knowledge about what they are putting in their mouth.  This can be at the grocery store, in the airport when someone sees your plaid and work boots, or visiting with your elected officials.  All of these places have an impact on the perception of farming.

Reach out:  Most companies are more than willing to share farm stories (especially if you use their product.)  See if they will attend an important event or feature you in some of their literature.  The more your story is seen and heard, the more positive impact you will have for the industry.

What's YOUR Story?

We'd love to hear and chat with you.  Comment below or come visit with us on Social Media.


Check out +AgChat and others like them to start getting involved today.

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